Monster Hunter XX Video Previews Show By Rock! Collaboration

Mar 26, 2017

CAPCOM released details and a preview video for Monster Hunter XX 3DS video game's collaboration with the Show By Rock!! anime on Thursday. The anime is just one of the game's many lined-up collaborations and is set to debut on April 21. The video shows Shingan Crimsonz member Crow's costume and his Red Tomahawk Guitar will be available.

The Show By Rock!! mission will ask players to hunt down a Barioth in 50 minutes for "Crimson's Fallen Angel".

Monster Hunter XX has rolled out collaboration announcements on practically a daily basis. The game's planned series tie-ins already includes Detective Conan, Hunter x Hunter, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Ace Attorney, Garo, Okami, character Strider Hiryu, Baki-Dou, Worst, Fire Emblem, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Universal Studios Japan, the Otomon Drop Monster Hunter Stories mobile game, Dengeki, Famitsu and Weekly Shonen Jump magazines, Grandpa Danger manga, and Kingdom.

Monster Hunter XX was released on March 18.

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